So Many Dentists: Tips for Choosing the Right One

When looking for dentists in your area, chances are you’ll find quite a few. How do you know which one to pick? Is there a difference in the quality of care at each practice? Here are some factors to consider when picking a dental practice.

This is the most important factor for most people since they want to go to a dental practice that’s convenient to where they live or work. This is especially true for folks who live in a big city, so do a search only for dentists in your ZIP code to find the most conveniently located ones.

This is typically the second most important factor to consider. If you have dental insurance, make sure the practice accepts your particular carrier. Patients who don’t have insurance should call around or browse the websites of local dentists to get an idea of what they typically charge for services. No one wants to end up at a practice that costs twice what they expected to pay. Ask each office about their payment options, such as credit cards or payment plans.

Obviously, you only want someone highly qualified to work on your teeth. Most websites will list each staff member’s qualifications. Look at education, memberships in professional societies, or endorsements from other professional organizations. Also, see if anyone on the staff has certification in any other area such as IV sedation, which helps if anyone in your family is anxious about going to the dentist. Make sure you’re comfortable with the education, licensing, and certification of the dentist has so you can rest assured he or she is taking the best possible care of your mouth.

Emergency Visits
What happens if a family member has an emergency and needs to have their teeth looked at after-hours or on the weekend? Make sure the practice you choose is either partnered with an after-hours emergency clinic or has someone on call to handle any dental emergencies.

Personal Opinion
An office may look perfect on paper: they accept your insurance, the staff is licensed and certified, and they provide after-hours care. But if you’re not happy with the care you receive for any reason, keep looking for another practice until you feel at ease.

Dental Schools
Another option to consider is a local dental school. If there’s a dentistry program at a college or university nearby, they may offer appointments to members of the public so their doctoral students can get experience. They often charge less than regular clinics, and the students are always supervised. This is a great option for patients who don’t have insurance but still need quality care.

There are tons of dentists in every city, but finding the right one doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips and everyone in your family will have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile!

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